When we think we know THE correct interpretation of the bible we assume we know God’s interpretation. We put ourselves on equal ground as God, we elevate ourselves to God’s status. Didn’t the first humans get kicked out of Eden for that? Furthermore, having only one possible interpretation takes the life out of the Bible.

Instead we should admit our inability to know with certainty God’s will. Instead of claiming to know God’s will, we ought humbly surrender ourselves to it.


2 thoughts on “Approach God’s word with humility

  1. Q: What does ‘it’ refer to? If it is His will, then I must know it to surrender to it. If we don’t – as you suggest, then I can’t… stuck. The really hard work is the search for ‘it’, then only the step off the precipice to surrender. And where to start – if it’s arrogance to think I know Him, how do I know where to look if He is not what I think? Rising above the paradoxes needed?
    They got kicked out for eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil not knowledge), and not for elevating themselves to His level – if anyone knew better, it was them! i.e. judge not – not – know not as knowledge is His realm
    Mmmm Every read Ouspensky’s 4th Way on the interface between science and religion? Turns both science and religion upside down, and yet coherent, unified and intuitively logical.
    Just discovered your site – interesting to see the contrasts in thinking across dimensions.

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